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Posted on 2010.02.23 at 07:43
did i scare you?



Posted on 2009.10.08 at 10:51


Twitter is down

Posted on 2009.08.06 at 08:51
posting this < 140 character post to get my fix. carry on.


Friday Tubes

Posted on 2009.06.26 at 10:15


I had 0 friend posts today

Posted on 2009.05.07 at 18:35
Twitter is the LiveJournal slayer.


Whiskey whiskey whiskey

Posted on 2009.04.07 at 18:20

Whiskey whiskey whiskey
Originally uploaded by Tbagg
Wasmund's single malt, pot distilled.

This stuff is really stunning. It ain't cheap, but totally reasonable
next to high end scotch. Really delightfully complex. You can taste
the toasted wood the mix into the mash before pot distilling. Very
raw. Very nice.


New office set up

Posted on 2009.04.03 at 15:47

New office set up
Originally uploaded by Tbagg


My friend Leigh

Posted on 2009.03.30 at 18:44
A good friend of mine from high school and college was in a terrible accident today.  She was riding her bike down the street when she was hit by a fire truck as it collided with another fire truck.  What are the chances? 

She's an awesome person and a fellow livejournaler.  She's also one of the reasons I got into electronic music way back when in high school.  I remember she gave me this cassette tape of ragga jungle and jump up mixed by Odi back in '95-96 and i bumped it in my minivan all the time.  She drug me to some of the first raves I ever went to, and she turned me on to Dubtribe, which i think was probably one of the reasons I started playing records a few years later. 

I last saw her over the holidays when she threw a little reunion party for all the theatre people from our high school (and some from college). Jess got to meet her and the rest of the crew.  It was a blast. 

Please pray for her if you do that type of thing.  Or if you're like me, just send some love her way and keep her in your thoughts. 

Get well soon, Leigh. 


Deep Thought

Posted on 2009.03.23 at 08:52
i think Twitter is starting to cut into folks' Livejournal time.


Sweet Youtube Editing Action

Posted on 2009.03.11 at 16:37

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